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Monmouth County Federation of Republican Women

Veronica Dwyer, Chair republicanwomen

Monmouth County Federation of Republican Women


The Monmouth County Federation of Republican Women was founded in 1940, only 2 years after New Jersey became a Charter State in the formation of the National Federation. Our county is fortunate to have so many experienced & successful women in government, and as candidates & elected officials over the years, including the first Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey, Kim Guadagno! Our goals are to:


·       Encourage women to participate in the Republican party,

·       Provide opportunities to become involved in the election process of

        government officials at all levels,

·       Recognize & encourage qualified women to develop into political


·       Support the candidates and policies of the Republican party, for the


        of the people of Monmouth County and New Jersey,

·       Strengthen our efforts through diversity, and

·       Provide opportunities for our members to develop their political  

        networks, & strong bonds as friends.


Our main focus is rebuilding membership; welcoming both women & men with open arms, not just as members, but involved in committees, and invested in leadership roles. Our secondary endeavor is to develop a program of meetings & other activities, with speakers who have an insider’s knowledge of government and the political process, and where members can experience the inner workings of government.


 Veronica Dwyer


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