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Founded in 1938, the New Jersey Federation is a charter state of the National Federation of Republican Women. The first members were activists in working toward community goals and good legislation. Peak membership occurred in the 1950s during the presidency of Mrs. Webster B. Todd, mother of former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman. Whitman has said that her interest in government and politics is a direct result of her mother’s and grandmother’s (Mrs. Reeve Schley, 1943-46) activism as presidents of the New Jersey Federation.

The mission of the New Jersey Federation of Republican Women is to encourage women to participate in the activities and goals of the Republican Party. To promote the objective of the New Jersey Federation of Republican Women we will use the strength that comes from diversity of opinion, experience and culture of our membership to provide educational events designed to increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government; to recognize and encourage qualified women to develop into political leaders of the future; to support candidates and policies of the Republican Party; to do all within our power for the betterment and advancement of the people of New Jersey.

Our History

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